Properly applied, you can use push notifications to multiply user access to your app.


More user engagement with users of your mobile apps

via individual and personalized push notifications.

In addition to the new presentation and interaction options in a push notification,

our service package also includes various services such as:

Organization and planning

Create your own schedule for sending your personalized notifications to the user devices.

AB Testing

Send your messages to selected users and determine their effectiveness.

Analysis tools

Evaluate the success of your sent notifications.


GEO Targeting

With GEO Targeting, you can send location-based advertising and content to your customers.

Multi App Messages

Create a Push Notification and send it to the users of different apps.


Deep links take the viewer directly to the corresponding subpage of your website or to a specific in-app location.

New presentation possibilities.

Breaking Push offers you completely new ways of using Push Notification.
Design individual layouts according to your CI specifications and integrate various interaction options into your notifications.

Embedded videos


Article with picture


Direct calls




Direct links


Embedded audio files


Audio Push

New from our lab - the revolutionary Audio Push! Users get an audio file or a live teaser automatically and directly when receiving a notification played. Text messages can be played back using text-to-speech software.

Audio Push is a service for our push offerings and defines the next level of push notifications.

It allows the playback of audio files directly upon receipt of a notification and thus attracts increased attention.

Users no longer have to look at their mobile devices to be notified about a breaking message, but can simply recite them directly from the device. If the user once missed an audio push, he can play it again at any time.

Take your company to a new level with Breaking Push.